Icon Digital, a revolutionary wellness product.

Icon Digital is a revolutionary wellness product for the bathroom. In the era of everything digital, we have tried to keep the simplicity of showering in line with today’s electronic environment. When we shower, we want it to be quick and easy. We don’t want something complicated to use, which is a novelty at the beginning but quickly becomes cumbersome. Something that you can turn on set the temperature and use as you would a regular shower control. So then why even have a digital shower control, I hear you ask. Well, it’s simple. Providing a digital shower control allows us to add many great features, such as our eco setting, which enables you to control the water flow, or our multiple diverter setting which will allow you to to send the stream to various outlets. The options are endless, and that’s why the Icon Digital is here today, bringing change to the way we envision the bathroom.

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